Influence of other medical treatments on the hair

Hormonal therapy

Hormonal therapy is often given (particularly with prostate cancer and breast cancer) simultaneously with or after the completion of the chemotherapy. The hair can become thinner due to hormonal therapy. Hormonal therapy can also temporarily cause some extra hair loss.

(Targeted) Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy can cause temporary hair loss. It can also lead to hair growth in unusual places, for example on the face. Eyelashes and eyebrows can become very long and interfere with vision. The growth of downy hair has also been reported.

Radiation therapy

Radiation of the head can cause hair loss. There is little known about the course of hair loss due to radiation and its influence on the condition and (re)growth of the hair.

Other medications

Some chemotherapy drugs are damaging to the veins, and may leak into the tissues. Savene is used when chemotherapy accidentally escapes from the blood vessel (extravasation). Savene causes hair loss.