The Chill study

The registry is still under construction. Log in for patients will be available on this webpage as soon as the study is open for inclusion.


We study severity of hair loss caused by various types of chemotherapy. You can help to gather knowledge by completing some questionnaires. With this information future patient can be informed better about their chance of hair loss. The information will also be used for studies to prevent hair loss.

This study is performed by the CHILL group.

Who participate?

All patients with the prospect of hair loss through chemotherapy can participate in this study.  It applies to patients using as well as not using scalp cooling.

Study results

The results of this study will add to knowledge about chances of hair loss during chemotherapy. The results will be added to the decision aid for hair loss. With this tool patients can compare the chance of hair loss following particular types of chemotherapy, with or without using scalp cooling.

All collected information will be processed anonymously and will only be presented by type of chemotherapy or cancer. So, results will never be traceable to individuals. The results will be presented in international scientific journals and during conferences and workshops.