What do we ask for?

You will be asked to fill out an online questionnaire during each cycle of chemotherapy. Completing the list will require 5-10 minutes. If you decide to participate, your nurse will provide a log in name and password to access the questionnaire.

There are no extra visit to the hospital required, you can complete the questionnaires during chemotherapy or at home.

Stop participation

Participating in this study is voluntary. U can stop at any time. If you stop, if will not have any consequenses for your treatment or after care. You can indicate your preference to stop by logging in to the system.

If you experience complete hair loss, the study stops. You will be asked to fill out once more some online questions.

You will receive only one reminder per email for each treatment cycle, but only if you have given informed consent to receive them. If you indicate to stop participation or to have experienced severe hair loss, you will not receive reminders anymore.