Anonymity and confidentiality

Your answers to the questions will be processed confidentially. We guarantee that information that we present will never be traceable to individual people. The answers from individual patients are not directly linked to their name or email address. The research assistant has insight into the personal details and knows the respondent number, but does not see any answers from the questionnaire. The researchers who work with the answers only see a respondent number, but no identifying details.

Your name or email address will under no circumstances be provided to others. We use all information exclusively for analysis or research purposes. If you have provided your email address, it will be used to contact you if we have not received your answers in a timely fashion. You then receive a reminder via email to complete a questionnaire. If agreed, your email address will also be used to send you a questionnaire about the re-growth of your hair after 6 months. After this contact, your email address will be removed from the database.

As the explanation above shows, we handle information carefully: your details and answers will be stored separately and never made available together anywhere.