The pre-cooling time is the time from starting the scalp cooling until a plateau in the temperature of the scalp skin is reached for most patients.

  • Paxman type PSC (grey machine): the pre-cooling time with an already-cooled cap is 30 minutes and with a warm cap, 45 minutes.
  • Dignitana / Paxman type Orbis (blue machine): the cap does not have to be pre-cooled; the pre-cooling time is 30 minutes.


The post-cooling times per type of chemotherapy are unknown. We recommend post-cooling for 90 minutes (range 20-150 minutes). That is to say, after the administration of the last cytotoxic.

Exception: docetaxel 75 or 100 mg/m2 in a 3-week schedule (mono or combination with other agents). Research has only been done on post-cooling time for this schedule, and it appears that 20 minutes is sufficient.